Sharps are household hazardous waste in the form of needles, syringes, lancets, or anything that pricks the skin to administer medication or draw blood.

Are  You Sharps Smart?

Take this short quiz to see if you are ready to properly dispose of sharps.


Way to go! You are Sharps Smart! Please continue to dispose of sharps properly.

Sorry, you are not Sharps Smart. But don’t worry, use this site to learn about the proper way to dispose of sharps.

#1 Are your sharps in a plastic, puncture-resistant container?


#2 Is the container clearly labeled?


#3 Is the lid screwed on tight?


#4 Is the lid secured with heavy tape?



Store used sharps in plastic, rigid, puncture-resistant container with a screw-on lid.

What type of container should I use to store used sharps?

Use a hard, puncture-resistant, plastic container with a screw-on lid. Laundry detergent bottles, fabric softener bottles, bleach bottles, Nalgene bottles etc. An actual sharps container is the best option.


Label the container “Do Not Recycle: HOUSEHOLD SHARPS” before you fill it up.

What types of containment are NOT accepted?

Sharps in anything other than a hard plastic container are not accepted. Plastic bags, glass jars, milk jugs, or other thin plastic or soft-sided containers are NOT accepted. Loose sharps are NOT accepted. Drop-off site personnel will NOT handle any sharps, no matter if they are contained.


Secure the container lid with duct tape before taking to the drop-off site.

Why do I need to secure the lid if it screws on?

The tape is an extra security measure to prevent spills during transport. We want to make sure you and others near you remain safe from harm the entire time household sharps waste is being disposed.

Drop off sharps for FREE at the Stearns County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility.

Can I throw my sharps in the regular trash?

Yes – but it is unwise! Loose sharps or full sharps containers in the trash can be harmful to you, the people in your community, and the environment.

What do I do with my sharps once I get to the drop-off site?

Tell the staff you have sharps to dispose of when you arrive. Staff will then direct you to a bin specifically for sharps. You will be responsible for placing your sharps container into the drop-off bin.

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